Web Design

RemekTek offers the following design technologies:

  1. Content Management Systems(CMS), based on PHP/MySQL platform
    This design facilitates easy updates from any web connected PC, after logging in to the site. This platform runs on Linux servers.
  2. NetObjects development environment.
    A template driven, very powerful and versatile web development environment. The site produced by this methodoly can be deployed on both Windows and Linux servers.
  3. E-Commerce development on Java based site design. Again a template driven environment. Items can be loaded from Excel tables, and features include payment gateways and sophisticated security measures.
  4. Search Engine Campaigns - Everyone wants to be #1 in Google searches! However a more cost effective and wise strategy is to carefully craft campaigns to place your site in the top 5. RemekTek can organise and manage Google campaigns to achive this in a cost effective manner.Read more...
  5. Consulting - RemekTek also provides web design consulting, whereby we can advise on client's existing sites.Read more...

Similarities between web design and paper publishing:

  • Both require careful PLANNING for structure and content
  • Both require COPY (which is publishing slang for the printed words)
  • Both require IMAGES for illustrations
  • Both can be critical for your company's projected image to your costumers

Differences between web design and paper publishing:

  • Lead time on web is often shorter than publishing
  • Web sites can be updated with no costly wastage of obsoleted printed material
  • It is possible to a site Look & Feel without needing to redo the CONTENTS


We have created an example e-commerce demo called iShop, where you can have a look at one example of an on-line shop. You can actually place a pretend order without committing to purchase anything in real life, and you will then see the order generating process.

To check it out, click this link: iShop

CMS Templates

RemekTek CMS (Content Management System) web designs are based on one of our range of templates. To see all templates, please click this LINK (opens in new window). Note: this page is 4.5MB, so only open it if you have a fast connection!

A few examples...

web design template examples - click to see more

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