VoIP (Voice over IP) is the accronym for telephony over broadband internet connection. It is significantly cheaper than traditional "land-line" phone services, especially for long distance or international calls.

IP Phone In essence the audio from a phone is digitized and sent over an internet connection, often terminating at a regular phone number at the other end. Even grater savings can be realized if the recepient of the call is also on a VoIP service, preferably using the same provider. In such cases, the calls are usually are at zero cost! This makes great sense therefore for companies (or families) that make regular long distance calls to their off site locations, or family members.

RemekTek has been using VoIP services for over 12 months, and can advise from 1st hand experience. We provide both hardware and consulting, so if you have an enquiry please contact us by clicking on the Contact Form page link.

We recommend the following brands, although, naturally, there are many other fine products to choose from:

  • Billion
  • Netcomm
  • Netgear
  • Sipura (now owned by Cisco)




RemekTek's MyNetfone reseller code: NC0769

SIPURA 3000 setup parameters for MyNetfone


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