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Google AppS for Business WebMail

Virtually every internet user on the planet has heard of Google.  Most know of the free email offered by Google, called GMAIL. Not everyone, however know about the Google Apps for Business service, which leverages Google's facilities and extends it to provide an advertising free "cloud" based toolset at very reasonable cost, to businesses of all sizes from size in excess of 10,000 of seats, down to single individuals.

We shall refrain from repeating the excellent and comprehensive documentation that Google provides describing their services, so we will just give you some direct links to read about them, and then give you our viewpoints.

  • Over 3 million businesses use Google Apps (source Google, 27 Dec 2011)
  • Google Apps provides collaborative computing leveraging the internet, so that anny member user can access mails and data from anywhere provided they have internet connection
  • Utalizing https:// the connection is encrypted, providing secure channels of connection
  • Google' SLA: 99.9% uptime reliability guarantee with synchronous replication
  • Link to Google Apps page: LINK
  • Check out the Google Apps videos on You Tube: CLICK LINK

E-Mail Services

  • Google Apps email uses your registered domain name, not "" and is thus indistinguishable from traditional emails
  • Google Apps extends the already generous 7+ GB of mail storage, to a whopping 25GB per user. This means that your email space does not impinge on your web hosting space!
  • No charges for server hardware, software mainetance or backups
  • The email account can be operated using
    • Outlook
    • Thunderbird
    • Almost any other POP or SMTP mail client on Windows, Apple Mac or Linux platforms
    • Any web browser, from any internet connected computer and most smart phones, such as iPhones, Android phones, Windows based phones, most tablet devices
  • When correctly configured ALL these devices remain in sync, so that deleting a message on one will be deleted on ALL, and sending a message will be visible on all others.
  • Shared Calendaring - permits work mates to check on each other's availability and book meetings
  • Use of mobile devices (phones and tablets) make it a synch to keep in touch and in sync.

Fees and Charges

There are no applicable charges for hardware (e.g. Servers), for Backups or for software maintenance! Only costs are:

  1. Google's on-going charges per email account. Currently this is US$ 50 per annum per user.
  2. Setting up and support by RemekTek is charged at our regular hourly rates. To help you budget, here are our typical costs
    1. Setting up existing web domain on Google Apps - 1hr
    2. Setting up individual email accounts - 15 minutes
    3. Transferring existing email archives and address lists from Outlook to Google, + set up Outlook for switching to Google mail - 15 minutes
    4. Education varies from 30 minutes to an 1hr
    5. Any on going Q & A at normal rates

Thus converting a 4 user small business would cost:

  1. US$200 per annum (= 4 * 50)
  2. $396  Setup and conversion
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