RemekTek has teamed with ShopFactory, to provide an e-commerce platform that is exceptional, both technologically and in security.


ShopFactory is unique for the following reasons:

  • Client - Server security and payment, architecture.
    This means that the shop owner can host their site anywhere (we recommend a RemekTek Hosting plan), however the payment and security services reside on Globe Charge servers, wher the software is under constant maintenance and supervision.
  • Template driven sites, but developed on the desktop
    This means that the developer is not hindered by the speed of his internet connection, during development. When it is time to refresh the hosted site, it is done in one complete ftp stream. This architecture greatly enahnces development efficiency, which translates into lower development and maintenance costs to the Shop owner.
  • Australian Developed and Supported
    RemekTek has a direct line to the development team, right here in Australia. That's why we are your ideal partner for E-Commerce!

We can both develop and maintain your E-Commerce shop, OR provide you with the ShopFactory License and education (if needed).

Check out some of the free (modifiable) ShopFactory templates below, or the Premium and Premium Plus templates:

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