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RemekTek for Web Hosting, Domain Names, Web Design & Consulting Services
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Our Web services comprise of:

  1. Domain Name registrations
  2. Web hosting
  3. Web design
  4. Web consulting

Domain Name Registrations

To have a web address or e-mail address with your company name or slogan, you need to have these registered as a domain. Our Domain Registration services provide both Australian and international domain name registrations at very competitive pricing.


Web Hosting

We provide hosting at our Global Switch in Ultimo, NSW server farm (the largest in Australia), but can also host in the USA if clients need fastest access from US based browsers. We can also provide web administration to your existing site, irrespective of who or where it is hosted.


Web Design

Web design is available using the latest tools and technologies. We can leverage template based sites which provide fast and cost effective development.


Google Campaigns

We also offer Google Campaign management to guarantee high Search Engine Optimisation and visibility.


Web Consulting

Our web consulting has been used by companies needing constructive criticism on their current web sites.


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