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Nano Technology

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Oct 23 2014
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RemekTek Pty Ltd is excited to pre-announce that we are negotiating to become a NSW re-seller for NANOTECH range of water repellent products.

Our Director, is actively involved with motorcycling and has been interested to read about and viewing the YouTube videos about Nano Technolgy water repellant products. Until recently, however, these were only available in commercial quantities and not easy lsourced within Australia. Now we are going to distibute consumer and commercial products from Sydney...

Nano technology illustration

This project is just kicking off now. We are going on the Snowy Bike ride on Friday 31 Oct, and will be demonstrating some of the products.

We will be offering the range from Nanoman and offering introdyctory discounts and local Sydney deliveries. Please browse their website for further information, and keep an eye on this article, as we shall be updating it as things progress.

This is what we are going to market ==>>

Learn about Nano technology

Here are some informative videos for you to watch:

  1. "Ultra Ever Dry" search on YouTube - LINK
  2. "Ultra Neverwet" search on YouTube (considerable overlap with previous) - LINK

Suggested Uses

Uses are virtually endless, but basically any item that would benefit from being caoted with a water repllent surface. We can think of;

  1. Vehicles (reduces needing to wash as dirt, mud no longer sticks)
    1. Paint work
    2. Wheels (keep away from brakes, however)
    3. Windows
    4. Rust prone surfaces
  2. Clothing (specially around stitching, reduces rain penetration)
    1. Rainware
    2. Motorcycle visors
    3. Gloves
    4. Boots
    5. Caps and hats
  3. Construction (improves insulation as it prevents water logging, and keeps surfaces clean & dry)
    1. Exterrior walls, brick, concrete, etc.
    2. Tiled paths
    3. Roof tiles
    4. External windows
    5. Inside shower areas, prevent mold from water retension on surfaces
    6. CCTV enclosers - prevent rain borne dirt on lens covering
    7. Garden furniture - keep them dry and clean
    8. Anti corrosion - use on metal surfaces that could rust. By elliminating surface water, you will have greatly reduced rusting
  4. Electronics (reduces shorts and failure due to wate penetration)
    1. Circuit boards (mobile phones, perhaps?)
  5. Personal use
    1. Spectacles - water droplets just fall off!
    2. Jewellery - keep you engagement ring free of water based dirt
  6. There are tons of other uses. Your imagination is the only limit!

Product Range, and Application

See the full range of products at Nanoman website. The different products are necessary as they are designed to bond to the respective surfaces.

Before applying the spray, it is highly recommended to remove previous coatings and waxes, such as car wax or car polish, if you want longest lasting application.

The treatment is not permanent, but will typically last between 6 months to a year on hard surfaces and up to 30+ washes on clothing.

As circumstances vary, both in terms of usage of items and how the products are applied, it is NOT possible to guarantee effectiveness. We recommend that you try a small quantity first as a trial, if yuo want to make your own tests, before buying a larger quantity of product.

Why buy from us?

We will be re-selling the Nanoman range of products. This means that everything we sell will be identical. Buy from us, if you are local to the Sydney region or because of the personal service we provide. We can also demonstrate the products in use if we can meet, and show you it on car and motorcycle and on clothing.

We can supply Wholesale to commercial customers, such as the Car Detailing or Construction sectors.

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