Fritz!Box 7390: $249.95 Fritz!Fon MT-F: $99.95
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RemekTek both sells and uses Fritz!Box 7390 VoIP Modem/Router and the Fritz!Fon handsets. A system typically comprises the following items:

  1. A Base Station - we recommend the model 7390, which what we use
  2. One or more Fritz!Fon wireless handsets - we use three of these in our premises
  3. One or more analog phones - these can include a wireless phone base unit, such as a Uniden DECT. We successfully trialed this, but then we increased our Fritz!Fon handsets from 1 to 3 and discarded the Unidens
  4. One or more Smartphones - we use iPhone

Our recommendation is to invest in multiple Fritz!Fon wireless handsets, as this is the best way to leverage the benefits of your system's power.

FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390 Overview

Reference ::  Spec sheet (PDF)

Previously unimagined versatility in one device!

The FRITZ!Box connects all computers with the Internet – at lightning speed using ADSL2+ With internal flash memory and fast WLAN N, it is the ideal platform for networked applications such as IPTV, video on demand, and media streaming.

  1. Connectivity
    1. ADSL2+ modem - up to 24Mbits/sec
    2. Connects to analog phone line (PSTN) for analog calls
    3. Concurrent Dual Band Wireless N up to 300Mbits
    4. Suits 3G or cable modem
    5. DECT base station for up to 6 handsets
    6. Connects to analog telephone systems
    7. Guest WiFi access isolates visitors from your computers
    8. VPN
    9. Windows. Apple Mac and Linux compatible
    10. 8W power usage, can be automatically reduced
    11. WiFi can be controlled by schedule and via DECT handset
  2. Telephony
    1. Place calls via the Internet (VoIP), even if the PC is switched off
    2. Up to 5 answering machines and fax function integrated, voice-to-mail and fax-to-mail
    3. Dialling Rules - eg overseas calls to VoIP
    4. Centralized phone book - all Fritz! handsets automatically see central phonebook
      Numbers can be imported or exported (Saved)
    5. Do Not Disturb - rings only for designated numbers. Great for night time in a home environment
    6. Up to 3 indipendant concurrent calls via DECT
    7. Call diversion to mobiles, or another number
    8. Call blocking for unwanted numbers
    9. Multiple SIP accounts (20 max)
    10. Auto fail-over to landline
  3. USB port
    1. for printers and storage media for shared use in the network
    2. Media server for music, images, and videos
    3. Integrated NAS via USB storage
  4. 5 Year Warranty and Support - best in the industry!

Fritz!Fon MT-F wireless handset

The FRITZ!Fon MT-F handset, can only be used with Fritz!Box routers. Headset is not included.

Spec sheet (PDF)

FRITZ! Fon MT-F has been developed for the FRITZ! Box and provides maximum function.

You won’t get this much telephone anywhere else.

RemekTek's note: This handset is a bit more expensive than the normal DECT handsets from the likes of Uniden or Panasonic, but it is a very high function device and a better comparison would be to an IP Phone or a Smartphone, both of which are over twice the price. We started with 1 of these, and then added 2 more once we had seen the value. This is why these are sold individually.

  1. Wireless DECT phone for both VoIP and fixed telephony
  2. Natural sound with VoIP calls, thanks to HD voice Full-duplex speakerphone
  3. Phonebook with up to 300 phonebook entries and online phone book
  4. Several answering machine with graphical menus, remote access and e-mail forwarding
  5. Call History, Alarm Clock, baby monitor, lock ring
  6. In-house calls between handsets
  7. Activate Base Station's WiFi ON/OFF
  8. Clear menus on high-quality color display (180 ppi)
  9. Ergonomic keyboard with backlit key messages (MWI)
  10. Phone calls and audio listening via a 3.5mm connected headset (optional extra)
  11. Up to 10 hours talk time, up to 6 days standby
  12. Update with new features pressing on a button
  13. Range: outdoor up to 300 meters; indoor up to 40 meters
  14. Standby up to 180 hrs; talk up to 10 hrs
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