Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP for short is the technology of making voice telephone calls via the digital Brodband Internet.

  1. Needs some initial h/w investment (although it is possible to use a "Soft Phone" on your computer, much like Skype)
  2. Needs a VoIP provider account
  3. Needs some configuration and know-how
  4. Benefits are significant reduction in monthly phone bills

RemekTek can advise, as well as supply, all that is necessary for VoIP. There is a wide choise of equipment and providers to choose from, but in every case you need a good quality fast Broadband connection. ADSL2+ or Cable are great plus a router that supports QoS.

RemekTek has been using the German designed Fritz! Box range since 2011 in our office, and recommend this for anyone looking for premium features and quality, but at a premium price. We feel that it is good value for money, but it is not cheap. See our Fritz!Box page for further info.

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