Spam, or unsolicited junk emails are becoming a real nuisance, with reports of spam emails being anywhere from 75% to 90%+ of all emails. We recommend a multi-tiered approach:

  1. Mail Server based blocking
  2. PC Desktop based preview/filtering/blocking

Mail Server based blocking

Our server based block will block all non-specific spam emails, such as Viagra, or sexual oriented messages, fake watches and Nigerian style and Lotto scams. These make up over 90% of all junk mail.

The system we use does not rely on customers needing to maintain lists, or their clients being harassed by "challenge" emails.


  • A low $3.00 per week per mailbox (=$12.90 per month)
  • Capped at $33.00 per month for an entire domain

i.e. for the cost of a cappuccino (or less) per week you can be saving around 1 hour of work. Moreover it prevents your system ever seeing the malware that is often carried by spam, and avoid download data volumes of junk.

Here is an example of our monthly spam block report:

Domain Blocked Percentage Received GB From To 2202 93% 165 0 22/10/10 21/11/10 1899 53% 1644 0.094 22/10/10 21/11/10
client domain 13985 92% 1216 0.148 22/10/10 21/11/10


PC Desktop based

We recommend the addition of PC Desktop based protection using MailWasher Pro. This program allows a safe previewing your mail box, whereby you can delete unwanted email prior to downloading. This is very effective against targeted messages that are sent by genuine, but unwelcome sources of advertising.

MailWasher Pro is licensed per PC, with no on-going fees. Volume discounts are available. We provide a Buy Link, and can offer installation and support as part of our (paid) IT Support Services.

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