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RemekTek IT Security Services

    Security should be every business’s focus. It comprises many facets of securing the IT resources, which include both physical equipment and proprietary data, such as accounting and e-mail records, software resources, etc.

    For specific advice on what to do to improve your PC's safety, please see our Security Report page titled "DO THIS!" - this page however, is only available to our customers, and not to the general public. Contact us if you need an ID/Password to read the report.

Perimeter protection for your IT site

    Secure & managed hardware firewalls and routers

    These devices are virtually impervious to software hacks, they make your site appear invisible to external scanners and resist any attempts of hacking or break-ins.

Antivirus management

    Central and/or remote management

    (Do you know how many viruses had been caught on your site, and on which machines and if automatic updates are happening on all PCs??)

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

    These allow people secure remote access to the site. This could be you, or your accountant working from home, or RemekTek providing remote help or remote backups.

Patching control

    Microsoft and other major software vendors continually release patches (=fixes) to improve security and operation. In December last year there were over 350 patches released. To analyse, manage and install the right ones require considerable IT skills and time. RemekTek can manage this for you.

Backup strategy management.

    You need protection from different types of mis-adventures, to meet statutory and ethical as well as business requirements:

    • Data backup
      In case of corruption or accidental deletion of data files
      This is usually done by having multi-generation data backups
    • OS backup
      Most people use Windows. If Windows becomes corrupt and there is no recovery strategy in place than the resultant misery could mean many days' of having no IT and possibly loss of applications and data. The time to rebuild servers and PCs vary, depending on availability of all s/w, passwords, account settings, etc.
    • Off-site backup
      If the office suffers a fire or the physical equipment is stolen, you need to be able to recover your operating environment fast.
    • Recovery Disaster
      A superset of the previous entries, it is the process to recreate the entire IT environment after a disaster, such as a devastating fire.
    • Archiving
      Not to be confused with backups, is necessary for accounting audit trails. Usually archives are taken monthly or quarterly and stored off site.

For the technically minded, we show below some literature links.

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