NAS'es (Network Attached Storage)

The need for hard disk storage is ever increasing, as businesses and individuals have growing needs to store data, such as photos, videos, document email archives, etc. In locations where there are more than one PCs/Laptops, one of the best option is to have a network attached storage (NAS) device.

NAS's are offered by numeros hardware vendors. RemekTek specializes in the industry leading Netgear ReadyNAS range. We use the following models ourselves:

  • ReadyNAS Pro Business Edition, with 6 Terra Bytes of storage
  • ReadyNAS NV+, with 4 Terra Bytes of storage
  • ReadyNAS Duo, with 1.4 Terra Bytes of storage
  • ReadyNAS rackmount - now replaced by the Pro (1st bullet)

One great feature of the ReadyNAS range is the patent pending X-RAID and X-RAID2 arthitecture, which permits increasing storage capacity by disk replacement without the need to wipe and then replace the data. Instead hard drives can be replaced one at a time, with larger models WITHOUT switching off the NAS!

We can supply any of the units in any disk configuration, and can advise and consult in setting up a system to your individual needs. Our prices are competative and our service is second to none.

ReadyNAS Pro NV+ and Duo

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Hardware Compatibility List

Make sure that you use approved and tested drives to maintain reliability and warranty. See LINK.

Definitive Guide to the ReadyNAS Pro

The ReadyNAS team, the same group that first introduced the ReadyNAS 600 in January 2005 — the world’s smallest RAID 5 network attached storage appliance at the time, X-RAID™ in August 2005 — the easiest expandable volume technology, and the ReadyNAS NV in February of 2006 — the ultimate shrinking of a 4-disk NAS, now introduces the next great thing — the small, beautiful, and monstrous 6-bay ReadyNAS Pro.

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Definitive Guide to the ReadyNAS NV+

Take a glance at the NETGEAR ReadyNAS NV+, and you’ll see a small, elegant, but simplistic chassis that can proudly be displayed in any room in your home. Lift up the chrome handle on the back, and you’ll see how solidly built this little box is. Swing open the hidden front door and you see four drive trays, each of them sliding out to reveal your disk. Close the door, and you notice it shuts tightly back to the body. A press of the power button and the box comes to life with the LCD lighting up behind the mirror, welcoming you to the ReadyNAS World.

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Definitive Guide to the ReadyNAS Duo

The NETGEAR ReadyNAS Duo is the latest addition to the award-winning ReadyNAS family of advanced network storage products. The Duo builds on the success of the ReadyNAS NV+, providing a quiet, very low-power-consuming, small 2-disk form-factor NAS that’s ideal for the home.

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