jCloud - the Next Big Thing after iCloud?

Seriously though, we don't believe that jCloud exists, however this is where we discuss Cloud offerings.

Some good articles

Link 1 - Conclusion: SugarSync wins hands down, over DropBox

Link 2 - Top10 Reviews SugarSync. Conclusion: score 8.83/10

Link 3 - SpiceWorks on Egnyte. Conclusion: Egnyte is "DropBox for Business"

Link 4 - Cloud Reviews. Comprehensive summary. Good starting point for choosing what suits your needs

What RemekTek Uses

We use

  1. DropBox for simplicity
  2. iCloud for Apple only devices
  3. Egnyte for businesses
  4. Evernote for notes


  1. DropBox is easy to use, can share resources and the free version is good to have. It is better and simpler than Google Docs.
  2. iCloud is great for Apple users with multiple Apple devices, although you can add Windows too. We use it to sync Contacts and also good for notes, pictures, etc., but does not work for sharing between different users, as all devices have to log in to the same iCloud Account.
  3. Egnyte is the real "grownup" with business professional features. It is also the most expensive, but it is worth it! Egnyte supports allmost all hardware and software platforms, and has great local server mirroring. This means that you can have an on-site server or NAS, which local users access at LAN speed, but which sync/mirrors to the cloud, and to any/all other physical sites' servers. So you can have an office in Sydney, Perth, London and New York, with each location deploying a NAS for local fast access, which are kept in permanent sync. You can also access all your files via iPads or any Smart devices. Full users access management and versioning is offered.
  4. EverNote is brilliant to synchronise notes and data, WITHIN it own framework. Not suited for sharing external files, like Word, Excel, etc.. We use it all the time and keep client data in it, so we have access to these on iPhone/iPad/Web and Windows and Macs. Brilliant.


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