IT Consulting handshakeRemekTek is your ideal outsourced IT Department.

We provide

  • Hardware and Software
  • Support including remote connected support
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) and Backup management
  • and more...

Our consulting services can provide

  • System Health Checks (details...)
  • Security and Compliance Audits
  • Hardware and Software Inventory Audits
    • Reviewing existing h/w and s/w on site
    • Highlighting what h/w deficiencies are causing bottlenecks and the most cost-effective way to implement improvements
    • Documenting all s/w versions - correlating to existing licenses.
      This highlights any illegal copied s/w, which could mean exposure to substantial fines
    • Listing unnecessary s/w that could be slowing down your PCs
    • Highlighting s/w that is out dated and should be upgraded
  • Planning for the future
  • General recommendations


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