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Nano Technology

RemekTek Pty Ltd is excited to pre-announce that we are negotiating to become a NSW re-seller for NANOTECH range of water repellent products.

Our Director, is actively involved with motorcycling and has been interested to read about, and viewing the YouTube videos about Nano Technolgy water repellant products. Until recently, however, these were only available in commercial quantities and not easy lsourced within Australia. Now we are going to distibute consumer and commercial products from Sydney...

Nano technology illustration

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MacPro - incredible value

The MacPro is coming at the end of this year (2013). At a starting price of $4,000 or $5,300 for the first two models, they are unlikely to be a spontanious purchase, however we believe that they are actually amazing value - even if you were considering a Windows only machine (shock, horror!). We are going to look at the hardware pricing to see why.

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