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Paul Szilard, founded RemekTek in 2001Established in 2001 and located near North Sydney’s CBD, RemekTek provides IT, Web and Photographic services to SMB’s (Small / Medium Businesses) and individuals in the Sydney region.

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RemekTek is a consultancy business and does NOT have a shop front, so do not expect to walk in and buy something! We provides services and products to our clients, usually by visiting their sites, or occasionally via mail or courirer as in eBay sales.

RemekTek's design philosophy is to concentrate on the customer's perspective. We can advise, setup and/or manage your PC environment. Use us with confidence because:

We are small

This means that you are dealing with the company's owner, or at most one level away from him. Although RemekTek is a small organisation, we have associates that we can call upon if necessary.

We listen

We not only listen but understand and look at situations from your perspective. We appreciate that cost and time are limited resources, after all we share this challenge with you.

We explain

We pride ourselves on good communications skills, and explain why we recommend something in terms you can understand.

We recommend

Often solutions that are used by RemekTek either within the company or at another client's site. So we have 1st hand experience in what we recommend.

We are experienced

RemekTek founder, Paul Szilard has over 20 years experience in IT, based on work with IBM in Europe, US, Asia and Australia. RemekTek has been operating since 2001 and services numerous clients in Sydney. References can be on request.

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